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Thank you for visiting our online scheduling site. We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to make your health a priority.

ATTENTION: Once you have selected an appointment, please note it is NOT officially booked until you receive an email confirmation of your selected date and time. If you DO NOT receive an email confirmation, please notify us at 

Saturdays are by appointment only. 

Online Scheduling

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  • MONDAY 15 minute Established Patient Visit
    This will only work if EVERYONE is prompt...including me! 
    • Established patients with NO NEW concerns or recent traumas (slip & fall, etc)
    • New patients that have at least 5 visits at the 20 minute level completed

    With the schedule so booked, I am attempting to fit in as many patients as possible that need their spine checked. Please adhere to the time you selected so we do not flow over into the next patient's time. 
  • 20 Minute Established Patient Visit (Regular Office Visit)
    • Thermography assessment, postural analysis and nervous system check
    • Adjustment, if indicated
    • Exercises, stretches, and/or ergonomic reinforcement to maintain alignment
  • 30 minute NEW INJURY visit (established patients)
    This visit is for ESTABLISHED patients coming in for a NEW injury, i.e. a recent fall or a concern never addressed at our office before. 
  • 30 Minute Complimentary Consultation
    • Great option for those wanting to learn about Upper Cervical Chiropractic
    • Allows the doctor an opportunity to perform preliminary evaluations to determine if you are a good fit for our office
    • Complimentary = No obligation = Free
  • 90 Minute New Patient Visit (1 of 2 required)
    • Information gathering day for the doctor, NO ADJUSTMENT given on the initial day
    • History, postural analysis, exam and x-rays
    • Bring along any previous imaging studies within the last year (MRI, CT, x-rays)
  • 90 Minute New Patient Visit (2 of 2 required)
    • Initial adjustment will be given on the second visit
    • Full review of your exam results and x-ray analysis
    • 30-45 minute rest (included in the 90 minutes) in our resting room that helps maintain your alignment (aka holding your adjustment)
  • New Patients Using United Healthcare Or UMR Insurance

    For any new patients that will be using United Healthcare or UMR, new patient visits will need to be booked as 3 separate visits. All three visits will need to be done on three separate days. 
  • Thermography With Julie


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